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Castel Maintenon offers you a wide range of activities in the hotel's surroundings !

Behind its railings the outline of the Château de Maintenon can be clearly seen. This imposing pile owes its fame to having been home for a time to the famous hostess, Madame de Maintenon, and afterwards it enjoyed the influence of the Sun King, Louis XIV.

This 18-hole golf course is laid out in the grounds of the chateau between the ponds and lakes and the imposing Vauban aqueduct, providing high-quality golfing.

The place where history and sport meet, the Golf Course at the Château de Maintenon offers you a round with plenty of challenges, variety and pleasure, with tee times to suit players of every level.

The cathedral is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and has been designated by UNESCO as a masterpiece of human creative genius. The Cathedral of Chartres was built fairly rapidly in almost one go, and due to the unity of its architecture and its decoration constitutes the complete and completed manifestation of one of the major aspects of the Christian Middle Ages.

The Cathedral of Chartres was built in 26 years, and as such is the ultimate monument of French Gothic art.

Its huge nave built in pure ogival style, the porches displaying fine mid-12th Century sculptures and the glittering jewelled windows dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries make this an outstanding masterpiece, and one of the most visited monuments in France.

This fabulous monument in Dreux occupies a strategic location where, in the early Middle Ages, a castle was constructed. The imposing nature of the fortress is obvious from its remains.

Here you will find an exceptional collection of tombs which constitutes the necropolis of the House of France. Visits to these tombs allow you to relive the lives and times of these members of the House of Bourbon-Orléans across the tumultuous 19th Century.

As well as its architecture, the magnificent chapel is also outstanding for its remarkable stained glass, painted and glazed, bringing out the famous ‘Sèvres’- blue.

'La Maison Picassiette’ is the work of Raymond Isidore, born in Chartres on 8 September 1900. Raymond Isidore came from a poor background and set up home in a small house built by himself in the Saint-Chéron area. La Maison Picassiette is an example of outsider art, not designed necessarily to last and not part of any artistic school, yet was classed as a historic monument in 1984.

Some years after he moved in, when walking around the town, he collected pieces of glass and porcelain, and used them to make mosaics to decorate the interior of his home. The house was agreat success for the artist, and visitors began to rush to see his work.

Maintenon is a popular stop-over for those following the paths of “Saint Jacques de Compostel” along the Eure valley. We regulary receive guests on their way to Chartres and to Saint Malo via Evreux from Paris.

From the hotel you can explore the local countryside in either direction along the Eure valley. The historical village of Nogent le Roi is 45 minutes away or, towards Chartres, Saint Piat is 15 minutes south with its Neolithic sites in the villages of Changé and Mévoisins.

Its Castle and its French gardens welcome to architectural surprises : the splendor of the Queen's Dairy and the finesse of the decoration of the cottage of sells. At the haert of the national domain, the National Sheepfold and its farm.

Versailles and its inescapable domain. Travel 350 years of history through the Castle of Marie Antoinette. Follow the path of another great female figure, Madame de Maintenon, secret wife of Louis XIV, who will buy the Castle of Maintenon. Come and discover these renowned historical residences.

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